GAMSAT Scores 2017

Our March GAMSAT Scores 2017 were the best ever.
Of over 200 students, we had more than 50% submit their scores.
You can see their GAMSAT Scores below separated by Section.

Section 1

Section 2

Section 3

How do GAMSAT Scores work?

Students often get confused between GAMSAT Scores across years, 2016, 2017, 2018 and ACER percentiles etc.

A GAMSAT Score is a number calculated by ACER that incorporates the difficulty of the test, the strength of cohort and the previous GAMSAT results.

Think of it as your Scaled Score.

When you apply for Medicine there are 3 GAMSAT Scores that will be valid for that year.

ie: Applying in 2018

1. March GAMSAT Scores 2017
2. September GAMSAT Scores 2016
3. March GAMSAT Scores 2016
4. September GAMSAT Scores 2015

Now, imaging you’re the medical school looking through the applications.

How do we compare a 90th percentile March 2017 GAMSAT Score and a 95th percentile September 2017 GAMSAT Score?

Which is better?

Your instinct may be the 95th percentile score, however, maybe, the September cohort was weaker, the test was easier etc. It was easier to get that percentile rank, this is often the case in September as a lot of high school leaving UK students are in the cohort.

ACER recognises these issues and works to even the playing field.

By comparing the dififculty of the tests, the strength of students and other unknown factors they produce this GAMSAT Score that is comparable between sits.

Thus, your GAMSAT Score is what medical schools use to compare you.